Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment Trust

Author: RP

**A fund to help those suffering from Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment.**
This campaign was started in the 1970s by Eleanor White. Your efforts are not forgotten. May this be a continuation of your quest.
Thank you Eleanor.

A plethora of information about Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment can be found on this site:

This site is mirrored on my personal website as it is no longer available pubically.
Those that have tried to speak out have been dealt with in one way or the other.

I, Lane Capouch will be responsible for the trust of funds donated to this campaign.
A official super node will be setup in her honor. Funds will be raked and staked.
The Pink2 address used for the trust.
Disperal of funds to be determined at a later date.

More links on Eleanor White:

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