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Stream GoalsStream GoalsHi! My name is GreenBuffOP, I am an avid PINK supporter and have been since I stumbled across the project in 2017. You can find me shilling(promoti...35,754.533620436,610,31831.59%
Support New Born BabiesSupport New Born BabiesEach year more than 4 million newborns around the world die because they lack basic necessities like clean water, healthy food and vaccinations. Su...26,607.432917094,080,98119.50%
Advertise Advertise "Not Financial Advice," which advertises PINKI've been running a 24/7 livestream on multiple platforms for over a year. This campaign is for advertising of PINK-related tweets, facebook posts,...13,162.597570393,327,00615.90%
Dogecoin MemesDogecoin MemesI am running the Twitter account "@DogecoinMemes" which I also used to make an april fools day joke which included a tweet with a pinkcoin meme. If...14,679.354158442,265,42110.82%
Take Back Control of PinkPiTake Back Control of PinkPiHire dedicated developer to finish making the software usable by non-superhumans, Revoke rights of sale from StakeBox and sell it from our actual s...17,479.805004332,179,00410.41%
New Donate4LifeNew Donate4LifeDonate4life over the years has built donation wallets for various charity and fundraising categories. I propose we merge all these pools and use th...28,683.491498072,018,4259.64%
Create a Privacy Policy for Donate4LifeCreate a Privacy Policy for Donate4LifeI (Spock Skywalker) will create a Privacy Policy for Donate4Life that will supplement the Terms and Conditions and that ensure D4L is not held liab...3,215.51857879290,8921.39%
FAQ and Video Troubleshooter / Run-Down of D4LFAQ and Video Troubleshooter / Run-Down of D4LWe (Spock Skywalker and Metakid) are going to make a video showing off how ingenious this revamp is. UPDATE: Video Tutorial on How to Verify your...13,720.74125646122,7840.59%
Minecraft Maze Challenge for CharityMinecraft Maze Challenge for CharityA Minecraft server dedicated to Pinkcoin users (from 2017) will return and will contain a chest with a private key to a wallet containing a month w...455.5124975933,0070.16%