Image Recipient Description Grubstakes Votes % of votes
BCC will promote PinkcoinBCC will promote PinkcoinWe are an altcoin promoting firm, named Best Crypto Coins or BCC. We previously made investor pitch deck for Pinkcoin. We are really impressed by P...13,540.6868420210,275,67049.02%
Better lifeBetter lifeHello my name is Catilina, I am from Venezuela, currently the situation in the country is critical, inflation makes it difficult to survive, that i...67,142.237883846,518,85731.10%
Take Back Control of PinkPiTake Back Control of PinkPiHire dedicated developer to finish making the software usable by non-superhumans, Revoke rights of sale from StakeBox and sell it from our actual s...53,000.456842971,300,1486.20%
Stream GoalsStream GoalsHi! My name is GreenBuffOP, I am an avid PINK supporter and have been since I stumbled across the project in 2017. You can find me shilling(promoti...103,170.796272851,012,7774.83%
Support New Born BabiesSupport New Born BabiesEach year more than 4 million newborns around the world die because they lack basic necessities like clean water, healthy food and vaccinations. Su...56,485.28572228743,7633.55%
Dogecoin MemesDogecoin MemesI am running the Twitter account "@DogecoinMemes" which I also used to make an april fools day joke which included a tweet with a pinkcoin meme. If...31,019.09574807558,9192.67%
Beef up bounty for Ataix voting campaign Beef up bounty for Ataix voting campaign I'm going to forward the collected stakes to Ataiax and they will be split between all the votes for PINK to get listed on their exchange. You can...40,528.11157676222,9131.06%
Fiat currency exchange and cryptocurrencies for Latin America Fiat currency exchange and cryptocurrencies for Latin America Friends I need approx 3 eth to complete my project and officially launch it in a few weeks, I am willing to any negotiation with a partner...107,263.0064830694,5010.45%
FAQ and Video Troubleshooter / Run-Down of D4LFAQ and Video Troubleshooter / Run-Down of D4LWe (Spock Skywalker and Metakid) are going to make a video showing off how ingenious this revamp is. UPDATE: Video Tutorial on How to Verify your...13,720.7412564689,2670.43%
New Donate4LifeNew Donate4LifeDonate4life over the years has built donation wallets for various charity and fundraising categories. I propose we merge all these pools and use th...43,809.7686709745,1970.22%
Lighting Equipment Lighting Equipment Money from this campaign will help me purchase new lighting equipment so I can increase my film production quality and move forward with current pr...47,374.2254921838,1670.18%
Minecraft Maze Challenge for CharityMinecraft Maze Challenge for CharityA Minecraft server dedicated to Pinkcoin users (from 2017) will return and will contain a chest with a private key to a wallet containing a month w...455.5124975932,8910.16%
Create a Privacy Policy for Donate4LifeCreate a Privacy Policy for Donate4LifeI (Spock Skywalker) will create a Privacy Policy for Donate4Life that will supplement the Terms and Conditions and that ensure D4L is not held liab...5,413.2238017530,1370.14%
Advertise Advertise "Not Financial Advice," which advertises PINKI've been running a 24/7 livestream on multiple platforms for over a year. This campaign is for advertising of PINK-related tweets, facebook posts,...20,898.88350695100.00%
 help me improve my health help me improve my healthHi my name is Alejandro, I suffer from the hips a Chronic degenerative disease which deserves a Hip transplant or experimental therapies, the hip...0.0000000000.00%