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Author: Devin Saxon

I will launch a podcast that discusses various topics that Libertarians care deeply about, particularly topics regarding transitioning to a society that utilizes voluntary donations vs taxation. Pinkcoin with side-staking capabilities and Donate4Life is the perfect platform to pitch to the Libertarian community and I will pitch Pinkcoin often. The basic plan for Streamyard (the software I intend on using for the podcast) will cost about $20 a month and donations will go towards that monthly fee as well as other set-up fees. I am the Communications Director of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota as well as the Administrator of South Dakotans Against Prohibition where we managed to petition for the legalization of cannabis in South Dakota (a particularly conservative state) and succeeded (53% voted yes this last election); I also was a 2020 candidate for Public Utilities Commissioner. There is already a strong liberty-oriented audience out there waiting to tune in and hear everything Pink has to offer, I'd like to bridge that gap. Thank you for your votes, they will deliver results!

Episode #1 - 11/29/20

Episode #2 - 12/6/20

[Episode #3 -12/14/20](

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