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RILEYS REVENGE (2.3.2) - Pinkcoin Maintenance Development

It's time for a little maintenance in the Pinkcoin engine room. This page will be updated periodically so be sure to check in for updates. The source repository at needs some minor updating that would lead to an eventual maintenance release (2.3.2) that wou...

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No Kid Hungry

First Sale on Bittrex: [Screenshot]( First Donation of 0.03 Bitcoin: [1PiWXCfGZgopWRimyqKJfdXH1tMjNppD82]( Email Confirmation: [Screenshot](

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Pinkcoin awareness campaign in Africa

To create pinkcoin awareness and promote charity in African sub region. For widespread adoption of pinkcoin in the African sub region via peer to peer and social media promotions.

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Take Back Control of PinkPi

Hire dedicated developer to finish making the software usable by non-superhumans, Revoke rights of sale from StakeBox and sell it from our actual store, create detailed manuals on how to set up / operate / DIY, add .stl files of custom boxes to pinkcoin website for the community to be able to pri...

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Libertarian Podcast Sponsored by Pinkcoin

I will launch a podcast that discusses various topics that Libertarians care deeply about, particularly topics regarding transitioning to a society that utilizes voluntary donations vs taxation. Pinkcoin with side-staking capabilities and Donate4Life is the perfect platform to pitch to the Libert...

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Pinkcoin Memes on Twitter

I am running the Twitter account ( where I regularly post dank Pinkcoin memes. Most of them are OC by me, but I also share Pinkcoin memes from others if I find some. Memes are love, Memes are life <3

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I'm letting twitter know about Pinkcoin

As blockchain based donation systems thriving day by day, as the exhibitor of this field, Pinkcoin shouldn't be under the shadow. World must know about this- What Pinkcoin did in last 6 years and what's its capable of. Both donors and beneficiaries should be informed about this modern form of cha...

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Mazer Gaming Charity Tournament

Hello everyone! We are going to be hosting an esports charity tournament in the next month or two to help a company called Gamer's Outreach. They provide games, consoles, and more to kids stuck in children's hospitals. We expect this to be a huge event and get a lot of partners on board. We are...

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Stream Goals

Hi! My name is GreenBuffOP, I am an avid PINK supporter and have been since I stumbled across the project in 2017. You can find me shilling(promoting)$PINK on Twitter pretty consistently. Outside of work and shillin, I am a daily streamer! I started in March 2018, and have loved every m...

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