Mazer Gaming Charity Tournament

Author: Sam Kijak

Hey everyone! We just hosted an online esports charity tournament on Friday, May 15th called “Mazer Gaming Gives Back”. The game of choice was Smash Ultimate, a community we are popular with. We were able to get thousands of people signed up to play and watching. This is going to be a biweekly series, with our next tournament dates being June 14th, June 28th, and so on. The goal of this series is to raise money for COVID-19 relief throughout the stream. We have a full production team and studio being used for these tournaments. For the first tournament, we are able to get record viewership compared to the previous tournaments we have hosted. We were able to get a total of 24,594 viewers throughout the stream. We also have many big influencers signing up for and helping promote our tournament series such as Liquid Hungrybox (, NAKAT (, and Tweek ( We partnered with The Giving Block for this tournament series, who have raised over $600,000 so far for COVID-19 relief. We hope to be a bigger part of this campaign with the tournament series we are doing. We are looking to raise funds to help us cover production costs, prize pools, and any remaining money being used to donate to the nonprofits we work with. In return, we can promote pinkcoin on the broadcast for helping us raise the funds! Here are some ways that we can promote pink during the broadcast: -Video/graphic advertisements during stream - Multiple tweets about your brand during streams through our account and player accounts - Logo on stream overlay during matches (logo would be visible on stream at all times) - Sponsored messages sent into twitch chat on a timer (Ex: custom message sent every 5 minutes) - Custom advertisement reads from our commentators - Banner/logo displayed live at the production studio in the background - We can include a sign-up necessity for the tournament (For example, in order to sign up for our tournament, they must follow your brand on twitter) - The tournament can be “presented by” you and in the title - Can run giveaways during the tournament and during the stream - Can embed your logo into the actual game we are playing on stream We are very flexible and open to anything, as the main goal here is to raise money for charity during the livestream. I will be linking a YouTube video preview of what the broadcast was like for our last tournament. The production was amazing and our commentators did a great job. If you want to check us out on twitter or ask any questions our twitter is: Mazer Gaming Gives Back Tournament Preview: Thanks, Sam Kijak Owner and Founder at Mazer Gaming

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