Devin Saxon

  • Total Grubstakes: 262,039.55857971
  • Completed Campaigns: 4
  • Active Campaigns: 6

Active Campaigns

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Minecraft Maze Challenge for Charity

A Minecraft server dedicated to Pinkcoin users (from 2017) will return and will contain a chest with a private key to a wallet containing a month worth of grubstakes. Once the chest is found and rewards claimed, all grubstakes will be matched by contest hosts and donated to a charity of the conte...

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FAQ and Video Troubleshooter / Run-Down of D4L

We (Spock Skywalker and Metakid) are going to make a video showing off how ingenious this revamp is. UPDATE: Video Tutorial on How to Verify your Wallet Address has been completed. Videos on how to vote and create campaigns are now in progress. Completed Video: (

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Create a Privacy Policy for Donate4Life

I (Spock Skywalker) will create a Privacy Policy for Donate4Life that will supplement the Terms and Conditions and that ensure D4L is not held liable for any personal information posted in campaigns

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Beef up bounty for Ataix voting campaign

I'm going to forward the collected stakes to Ataiax and they will be split between all the votes for PINK to get listed on their exchange. You can vote here: (, thanks for the support! GO PINK UPDATE: Ataix listing bounty is now 200,000, with 100,000~ of that coming from...

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Libertarian Podcast Sponsored by Pinkcoin

I will launch a podcast that discusses various topics that Libertarians care deeply about, particularly topics regarding transitioning to a society that utilizes voluntary donations vs taxation. Pinkcoin with side-staking capabilities and Donate4Life is the perfect platform to pitch to the Libert...

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Reward Bounties for Twitter Contests/Giveaways

I'm going to use the donated coins for this campaign to host contests and giveaways using the Official Pinkcoin Twitter Account. I'll host Pink Wars Contests, Meme Contests, Random ReTweet winners, ect. My goal is to boost marketing for PINK on social media. Every 5,000 PINK will trigger a new Co...

Completed Campaigns

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Re-Write the Description on CoinMarketCap (Spock - Team Blogger)

I'm going to write up the most ballin coin description you've ever laid eyes on m8s. UPDATE: PROJECT COMPLETED. New description is being forwarded to "Pinkcoin is a PoS/PoW hybrid with emphasized staking features allowing developers to build donation based platforms upon PINK&r...

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Create Terms of Service Agreement for D4L

I (Spock Skywalker) will brush up on liability laws and use a template to create a Terms of Service agreement for Donate4Life users to acknowledge before they submit campaigns. This will prevent Donate4Life from being liable for Copyright Infringement should some jacka$$ use a Trademark or Copyri...

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Video Tutorial on How to Create a D4L Campaign

I will create a video tutorial describing how to create a campaign on Donate4Life 2.0.

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Beef up the Prize for the 2021 Pinkcoin Meme Contest

Proceeds from this campaign will be added to the 30k PINK Grad Prize for the 2021 Pinkcoin Meme Contest ongoing thru August. Blog Article: