Stream Goals

Author: GreenBuffOP

Hi! My name is GreenBuffOP, I am an avid PINK supporter and have been since I stumbled across the project in 2017. You can find me shilling(promoting)$PINK on Twitter pretty consistently. Outside of work and shillin, I am a daily streamer! I started in March 2018, and have loved every minute of it. Catch me playing LoL, PS4 exclusives, FPS's and the occasional Indie game. I have A LOT of stuff already and really only need a stream deck and overall a new PC! I am proud to be self sufficient, and this seems like a good way to help others be the same way, and help others too! Why not help/support a streamer you love by staking a coin you love? This new D4L campaign method seems like a really good idea for streamers like myself and their communities to help raise funds for themselves and their favorite streamer! This will especially be utilized and all my stakes + more(I plan to match the stakes), will be donated during charity streams as well!

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