Fiat currency exchange and cryptocurrencies for Latin America

Author: Douglas Itriago


I need approx 3 eth to complete my project and officially launch it in a few weeks, I am willing to any negotiation with a partner

Getting this help is very important For me with the economic crisis of my country, it is urgent to get financing to move to a new home with the necessary tools to continue working
Does Pinkcoin Really Work for Donations? If that's what I have to do? I have a project I want to launch it but I need help

I'm in a very difficult situation

I have an exchange platform that I want to release publicly soon

But my resources are very few

I think a society with Pinkcoin can be useful

I am from Venezuela, my country is experiencing an economic crisis that the whole world knows, I am a graphic designer and freelancer web developer l, unfortunately I have little work, a year ago I focus my mind on creating an exchange platform that allows to make secure changes in fiat currency in Latin America.

The project is 80% ready I can share with you a previous

I can give proof of my work and my identity, I am not a scam many people humiliate me thinking wrong of my

My current situation is very difficult to continue and finish the project, This Idea is all I have for me and my family

I'm looking for a person or a currency project for a company, being able to finance a small portion of my expenses. In this society I would soon share all the profits generated by the platform

I feel a little embarrassed, but it's better to work and not beg, I have a lot of time working on this. And my plight forces me to seek help

The money will be used to pay for my move to a better place where I can work smoothly from the Internet, I will also pay for some services for my web service provider, buy medicines and continue my project..

Your help is very valuable and important to me.

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