Completed Campaigns
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No Kid HungryNo Kid HungryFirst Sale on Bittrex: [Screenshot]( First Donation of 0.03 Bitcoin: [1PiWXCfGZgopWRimyqKJfdXH1tMjNppD82]...208,617.23567443
BCC will promote PinkcoinBCC will promote PinkcoinWe are an altcoin promoting firm, named Best Crypto Coins or BCC. We previously made investor pitch deck for Pinkcoin. We are really impressed by P...203,591.97694878
I’m writing articles about PinkcoinI’m writing articles about PinkcoinHere’s what I’m doing for Pink coin. I’m writing articles about Pinkcoin in popular forums and blogs. In non-blockchain forums...152,298.21580418
RILEYS REVENGE (2.3.2) - Pinkcoin Maintenance DevelopmentRILEYS REVENGE (2.3.2) - Pinkcoin Maintenance DevelopmentIt's time for a little maintenance in the Pinkcoin engine room. This page will be updated periodically so be sure to check in for updates. Th...70,209.56614546
I'm letting twitter know about PinkcoinI'm letting twitter know about PinkcoinAs blockchain based donation systems thriving day by day, as the exhibitor of this field, Pinkcoin shouldn't be under the shadow. World must know a...55,412.66894415
Dogecoin MemesDogecoin MemesI am running the Twitter account "@DogecoinMemes" which I also used to make an april fools day joke which included a tweet with a pinkcoin meme. If...45,507.11528492
Pinkcoin for South AsiaPinkcoin for South AsiaAfter Africa, South asia is the largest reciever of charitable funds into the world. As Pinkcoin is the modern form of charity, it will help this r...24,250.49701290
Pinky Piggy BankPinky Piggy BankRaise funds to create a pinky piggy bank, raspberry pi based, which helps everyone to save money having fun and reward.6,474.10509370
Beef up the Prize for the 2021 Pinkcoin Meme ContestBeef up the Prize for the 2021 Pinkcoin Meme ContestProceeds from this campaign will be added to the 30k PINK Grad Prize for the 2021 Pinkcoin Meme Contest ongoing thru August. Blog Article: https://...6,457.53357552
Create Terms of Service Agreement for D4LCreate Terms of Service Agreement for D4LI (Spock Skywalker) will brush up on liability laws and use a template to create a Terms of Service agreement for Donate4Life users to acknowledge...2,362.73433495
Re-Write the Description on CoinMarketCap (Spock - Team Blogger)Re-Write the Description on CoinMarketCap (Spock - Team Blogger)I'm going to write up the most ballin coin description you've ever laid eyes on m8s. UPDATE: PROJECT COMPLETED. New description is being forwarded...34.34131978
Video Tutorial on How to Create a D4L CampaignVideo Tutorial on How to Create a D4L CampaignI will create a video tutorial describing how to create a campaign on Donate4Life 2.0. 0.00000000
Test CompletionTest CompletionThis will be our first test. And then eventually archived to remove it from the website.0.00000000