BCC will promote Pinkcoin

Author: Tigover

We are an altcoin promoting firm, named Best Crypto Coins or BCC. We previously made investor pitch deck for Pinkcoin. We are really impressed by Pinkcoin's unique feaures and remarkable achievements. We want to promote Pinkcoin. This is what BCC wants to offer for Pinkcoin 1. Our base promotion is in twitter. We'll research whats trending in crypto world, and put them in our tweets. It really works. We target audience by these tags. For example, Pinkcoin is one of a kind in crypto world. It's unique features like, donate once, provide love for lifetime, will definitely attract big scale donators. Which is already proved. 2. We have a website, bestcryptocoins.net (Currently under construction). We'll write a review article on Pinkcoin, overall and in which market Pinkcoin comes for. Also, it will surely be added in article like 'top 5 altcoins in march 2020' or 'blockchain based donation services'. And the review article , you can use it in any blog or forum. And if there's a demand , we'll write more. 3. As we're doing promotion, we are in many crypto communities. We can give Pinkcoin give some more exposure there too.

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