Author: Pygmalion Effect

*Raise coins for anything, anytime, anywhere.*
A campaign receives grubstakes for capturing the most votes.

*Donated coins earn interest through revolutionary staking methods.*
The interest earned is distributed to the most popular campaign.

*Pinkcoin is designed to do the work for you.*
Hold your own coins in a verified address and enjoy a 1:1 ratio of votes to Pinkcoin.

*Helping campaigns has never been easier.*
Donate directly to the most popular campaign by sending your donation here: 2afWRq8e9LofgoByoU6xBYAPqQvCgJ3cyi

Pinkcoin address: 2LFqxrjRjv2pmwmJZynaiTSQACR4JviXMp
Coins received at this address side-stake 100% to Donate4Life.

Total Votes Total Grubstakes
1,000 345,339.58609999
Daily Grubstake Total