lil Brains WRLD

Author: Bryan Benner

It's time for PINK to dabble in NFT's!

We would like to start the concept with a test. We have come across a team and community that is focused on Mental Health and would like to start supporting them. The PINK received by this campaign will be converted to ETH and used to purchase, from the floor, lil brains wrld NFT's.

Some of these NFT's will, one day be displayed in Pinkcoins donate4life gallery across multiple metaverses.

View their official website here

View the Lil Brains World collection on OpenSea.

Donate PINK directly to this campaign: 2SfETdHXxXtBdEMYJmTUsitg2qeG86huMB

View the Donate4Life Gallery on OpenSea.

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