Advertise "Not Financial Advice," which advertises PINK

Author: Tom Furbish

I've been running a 24/7 livestream on multiple platforms for over a year. This campaign is for advertising of PINK-related tweets, facebook posts, and YouTube videos to increase the exposure of Pinkcoin at an exponential rate as compared to anything it's seen so far. An altruistic and competent team along with good developments certainly go a long way, and I'm confident it will show in the charts sooner rather than later. However I believe that some extra advertisement in addition to CZ and various entities validating the charity use case in the near future will be quite helpful as far as making future price increases significantly more sustainable. If people are only buying it because it's pumping, they'll be inclined to sell it as soon as it stops going up. If they realize from the very beginning how extraordinary the project is and that they can help the world in various ways with a couple simple steps in addition to HODLing PINK, I believe they'll be a lot more inclined to become a HODLer. Another very unoriginal idea I have if this works out better than expected is to use some of the stakes to provide incentive for viewers to help us increase awareness via contests involving retweets and/or videos of their own.

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